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Designed to deliver maximum ROI powered by disruptive  innovation and technologies

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Everything You Need To Know About The DMS Products And Services.

BDPs are a vital part of DMSG and are selected from applicants who wish to become the regional face of our growing network of advertisers

Wish to become one among our BDP chain, Mail your detailed application to care@dms.family

With our expanding network of marketing executives and Business Development Partners (BDP), We, DMSG successfully source potential clients in different segments for all over current signage partners which can be replicated to our upcoming clients with ease.

You can directly contact the DMSG signage sales department. Our experts can help in suggesting the perfect signage that can be used in your store which includes both commercial ones and ones manufactured by DMSG.

All these digital signage are provided at the lowest cost possible to our partner clients

With screens having additional slots for advertisement, DMSG can find non-competing advertisers to place ads on screens placed in your store thus receiving an additional revenue for your store

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